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Travel to Buenos Aires with poems and pictures

Sunday, July 11th, 2010


I just want to share with you that my new book Mi Buenos Aires Poético just came out on Blurb.

It is part of a series of traveling books that I’m creating as I travel to new and exciting cities or to my old country of Argentina. The other two titles are Poetry in Turkey/Poesía en Turquía and Poetry in Barcelona/Poesía en Barcelona.

I’ve been a writer of poetry and short stories for much longer than I’ve been a writer of non-fiction. Actually, I wrote my first novel when I was nine years old! It was a series of books that followed the same characters, which I wrote on the orange sheets of paper that doctors used to separate X-Rays from each other. Yup. My dad brought those home for me to cut them up to size and use them to write my novels. I bound them and illustrated them as well.

And although I want to believe that the quality of my writing has improved since then, I fight every day to keep that ingenuity alive. Making something valuable out of “nothing” is a trait we can all use right now.

I hope you enjoy them!

Be interesting

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008


I always tell people that one of the best ways to attract people to their network is to be interesting. Nobody wants to hang out with boring people! The question, obviously, is what do you do to be interesting?

Taking classes outside of your field or industry; traveling to unusual places; reading books, magazines, and e-zines; attending conferences, concerts, art exhibits; visiting museums and hanging out with people who are different are all great ways to step out of your comfort zone. And this is probably one of the key traits that interesting people share. They are not afraid to explore, to have an adventurous life.

I was in Europe last week and I visited three beautiful cities: Prague, Vienna and Budapest. I can’t begin to tell you how many interesting things I saw. One of them was a woman who was selling the canes you see in this picture. She was next to all the other souvenir vendors, set up in the highest spot in Buda, overlooking the best view of Pest. While nobody was interested in the other vendors, she had a large crowd shopping at her booth. She had put together this pile of canes with a twist: the came equipped with an old bicycle bell, a first aid kit, cigarettes, matches, a flask and… a little box of Viagra just in case you happened to have a close encounter while you were hiking up the mountain!!!

So now I have this anecdote to tell. This picture to share during my workshops and to help me make them more interesting. One more thing, though. You need to learn to tell a story! How interesting can you be if you put everyone to sleep when you tell your stories?

The side effects of my vacations

Saturday, December 29th, 2007


I’m just back from three weeks in Buenos Aires and in bad need of a vacation from my vacation! But as most of those who periodically return to our native countries know, the trip hardly qualifies as a vacation.  

    I spend most of my time visiting with my family and friends and have little down time to relax. Even when I am supposed to be relaxing, I stop by a cyber cafe to check my email, or to blog, I call my voice mail to check messages and talk to several of my friends and colleagues in New York. Granted, I’m in a different environment and even a different weather, but for me it’s not like spending two weeks on the beach or sightseeing in a foreign country where I don’t know anybody and I get to disconnect for a while.

But maybe that is the main problem of being on vacation these days. That we are never completely on vacation. We are still connected to work through our many devices therefore not allowing ourselves to create some distance from our everyday responsibilities. Not allowing ourselves to fully replenish our energy.

    Maybe it was not being around friends and family that exhausted me so much but the fact that I never completely left New York behind.Trying to be in two places at the same time, now that is exhausting!dsc01943.JPG