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Putting STEM on the Latino map

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010


On April 1st, top thought leaders from the public, private and non profit sectors got together for the Latino Education conference organized by Latino Magazine in Washington DC. The conference featured great speakers and panelists who are experts and practitioners in the space.

The main theme of the conference was furthering the involvement of Latino students in the STEM fields. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.) You wonder why is this so important as to warrant a conference on the topic? Well, thirty years ago, the US was number one in graduating high school and college students. We were leading the world in science and math scores. Thirty years later we are near the bottom half of the developing world. Given that 25% of our country’s Kindergarten students are Latinos, and our community has a 50% dropout rate, the situation presents a huge challenge for the United States future.

These are some of the key learnings I’d like to share with you:

  • Eight out of the top ten jobs of the future are STEM field related
  • There are no lack of programs that are helping students succeed in high school and pursue a college education with emphasis in STEM
  • There is no shortage of talent in the Latino community but institutions, organizations and companies need to learn how to identify it better
  • Training teachers to teach STEM subjects is critical to the success of students
  • Taking an AP course and passing an AP exam increases a Latino student’s chances to graduate college from 15% to 65%
  • Passing Algebra by 8th grade is a great predictor of college success
  • It’s critical to scale up programs that work and to work with partners
  • We need to continue informing Latino parents and students of what’s available in terms of resources, opportunities, organizations, etc. so they can take advantage of all these.

    My question to you is the following: Are you doing anything that is related to this field that others need to know about, or are you aware of resources, initiatives, organizations that help students engage in this important field? Let me know!

    I’d like to continue to give visibility to those who are working in this field to help Latino students succeed.

    Science and Consciousness Conference

    Friday, April 4th, 2008


    I was in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for a few days this week taking part of the Science and Consciousness Conference. It’s a fabulous annual event organized by The Message Conference, where frontier scientists and people interested in a variety of fields where science and consciousness meet, come together.

    This is one of the most enriching experiences of the year for me. I get to hear people like Rupert Sheldrake talk about morphic resonnance and Eric Pearl about tapping into the universal field in order to heal yourself and others. Dannion Brinkley spoke of his three near dead experiences and Konstantin Korotkov spoke about measuring energy fields.

    The common denominator of this conference was the theme that we are all reaching a new level of consciousness and that a major transformation will take place within 4 to 6 years for which we should all prepare.

    What I find most interesting is trying to mesh these very profound insights with my every day life and activities, passing on as much of my knowledge to others as possible.