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Travel to Buenos Aires with poems and pictures

Sunday, July 11th, 2010


I just want to share with you that my new book Mi Buenos Aires Poético just came out on Blurb.

It is part of a series of traveling books that I’m creating as I travel to new and exciting cities or to my old country of Argentina. The other two titles are Poetry in Turkey/Poesía en Turquía and Poetry in Barcelona/Poesía en Barcelona.

I’ve been a writer of poetry and short stories for much longer than I’ve been a writer of non-fiction. Actually, I wrote my first novel when I was nine years old! It was a series of books that followed the same characters, which I wrote on the orange sheets of paper that doctors used to separate X-Rays from each other. Yup. My dad brought those home for me to cut them up to size and use them to write my novels. I bound them and illustrated them as well.

And although I want to believe that the quality of my writing has improved since then, I fight every day to keep that ingenuity alive. Making something valuable out of “nothing” is a trait we can all use right now.

I hope you enjoy them!