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Watch your image

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Photo by María Fernanda Hubeaut

      Image is everything. People see you and the materials you present (your resume, your business card and even your Linkedin page and picture) as a reflection of who you are. If you are dressed professionally and hand out a clean, mistake-free resume you will project one image. If you show up at an interview with wrinkle clothes and fingers covered with ink-stains you will project a different one.

      The same goes for your pages on Internet. If you keep a Facebook or My Space page, make sure you use pictures and post text that doesn’t compromise your professional image because employers are Googling employees before they make a job offer.
      And if you use pictures in your professional life, please update them often enough that you resemble the person in the picture. It’s surprising how many people who present as part of their job use pictures that are twenty years old. They don’t realize how bad it looks when they are on the stage presenting and that picture is on the program or on a giant screen right next to them. (Once at a conference, I was trying to connect with an author and I couldn’t find him anywhere. I was using the picture on the back cover of his latest book as a reference. When somebody finally introduced me to him, I quickly realized why I hadn’t “found” him! He looked nothing like his picture.)
      If your visual image is important in your career, nothing compares to the work that a professional photographer can do for you. The picture you see above is from a recent photo session with my photographer María Fernanda Hubeaut to update my pictures which were only three years old. Check her website to see her incredible work.