Contrasts in Turkey

I just came back from two weeks in Turkey. What a fabulous trip! A friend and I rented a car and traveled from Istanbul to Assos, Troy, Effesos, Siringe, Selcuk, Pamukkale, Aphrodisias, Fethiye, Antalya and Cappadocia. One speeding ticket and over 1,000 miles later we came back to Istanbul for two more days.

Turkey is a country where very old habits coexist with today’s modern world. We saw women, who were completely covered head to toe, arm in arm with their boyfriends; extremely poor farmers who lived in very precarious conditions using cell phones; very humble houses with solar panels to heat water; ATM machines in the middle of God forsaken places.

These contrasts are present everywhere: the chaotic city of Istanbul has one of the best subway systems I’ve seen; the Grand Bazaar, host of millions of people every day, has one of the cleanest bathrooms we found and there’s Internet service even in the middle of the volcanic formations of Cappadocia!

Back in Westchester, New York, I’m feeling a little lost in all the order around me. It will take me a few days to feel that I fit right here at home.

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