Obama mania

Sooooo we have a new president! What an exciting day it was yesterday. I was actually looking forward to watching the inauguration from a restaurant in Manhattan but my plans changed and last minute, I watched it at my neighbor’s house. Like many people, I didn’t want to watch it alone. It was a moment to share with friends and family and strangers.

On my way to the city in the afternoon, I talked to the woman sitting next to me on the train about this historical occasion. And I said: “I hope people realize that he’s not the Messiah and that we can not expect him to make everything right.” She agreed with me.

What he can hopefully do is inspire everyone to get off their behinds and create better ideas, to lend a hand, to offer service to those in need. The sooner we realize that we (not him) have the solution to this crisis, the faster we’ll get out of it.


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