Volunteers Needed

I recently attended the annual conference of the Advisory Council of the Hispanic Initiative of Junior Achievement Worldwide www.ja.org, held in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This wonderful initiative currently in place in seven sites (Northern California, Southern California, Chicago, New York, Albuquerque, Atlanta, and Denver) hopes to reach more Hispanic students on the key issues that Junior Achievement promotes: financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills and workforce readiness through experiential, hands-on activities. All areas that are crucial for the future success of our children.

This is a great opportunity for the Hispanic community to support education and be role models for our youth by volunteering to teach the program in classrooms from K-12. You will get a two hour training, a kit of materials and lots of support from JA to make your participation a success.

It’s ideal for professionals, retired people, homemakers, college students, entrepreneurs and anybody who wishes to make an impact on young students. The organization will work with your schedule so that you may volunteer when it’s most convenient.

A lot of us grew up in countries where volunteering is not part of our culture. But as I said in other posts, it’s as American as apple pie, and we need to step forward and invest our time in organizations that are creating a path to success for our youngsters.

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  1. Coral Hernandez says:

    Hi, Im a freshmen at Queens College as well as a former Aspirante and I would love to volunteer to help those children and support education. I see this entry was posted in October, I hope I’m not too late to volunteer. In any case, feel free to email me.

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