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Be interesting

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008


I always tell people that one of the best ways to attract people to their network is to be interesting. Nobody wants to hang out with boring people! The question, obviously, is what do you do to be interesting?

Taking classes outside of your field or industry; traveling to unusual places; reading books, magazines, and e-zines; attending conferences, concerts, art exhibits; visiting museums and hanging out with people who are different are all great ways to step out of your comfort zone. And this is probably one of the key traits that interesting people share. They are not afraid to explore, to have an adventurous life.

I was in Europe last week and I visited three beautiful cities: Prague, Vienna and Budapest. I can’t begin to tell you how many interesting things I saw. One of them was a woman who was selling the canes you see in this picture. She was next to all the other souvenir vendors, set up in the highest spot in Buda, overlooking the best view of Pest. While nobody was interested in the other vendors, she had a large crowd shopping at her booth. She had put together this pile of canes with a twist: the came equipped with an old bicycle bell, a first aid kit, cigarettes, matches, a flask and… a little box of Viagra just in case you happened to have a close encounter while you were hiking up the mountain!!!

So now I have this anecdote to tell. This picture to share during my workshops and to help me make them more interesting. One more thing, though. You need to learn to tell a story! How interesting can you be if you put everyone to sleep when you tell your stories?